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Terra is specialized in educational projects and international development. Our mission is to create self-actualized and self-sustainable citizens of the world through fair and equal access to quality education for children and youth worldwide.


Terra is a management consultancy that works with NGOs, governments, charities, and academic institutions worldwide, at management, research, and development levels.

Chapter 1

Digital Literacy & Access to Tech: With digital literacy training, children learn to function in modern society. We also work to provide the populations we serve with computers, internet, and online tools for educational and socio-economic advancement.

Chapter 2

Language and Literacy: By learning English as a second language (for example), children become more well-rounded world-citizens, and will naturally increase their potential growth opportunities.

Chapter 3

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom: Scientifically backed up programs using Yoga and Mindfulness are implemented into classrooms, in order to help increase the overall social and emotional wellbeing and academic performance of the youth we serve.